Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places

Posted by , 17 March 2011

The workplace

The workplace

Okay, this might sound a bit dangerous, but stick with us. Meeting a girl at your workplace overcomes a lot of hurdles. It’s easier striking up conversation if you have common ground - colleagues, office politics, even the mouse infestation on floor three. Getting involved in work socials is a great way to meet girls – just don’t give people anything to gossip about the next day.

But like we said, there can be danger involved and so you have to be careful - and Hayley Quinn agrees:

"Due to a tiny, insignificant detail like sexual harassment, avoid being too direct at work. Instead, start a bit of banter over an area that you share a common interest in, then step up the flirting with a cheeky email."

Once you've made an initial connection, ZOO's dating guru Kezia reckons you should then build up a friendship rather than just jump straight in at the deep end, as that's bound to fail.

"Get talking to the girl more than you usually would, and come across as a friend rather than a potential lover - this will create the opportunity of inviting her out to an after work drink. It's much easier to make your move here, as you will both be on non-work related territory."

"When she shows some indicators of interest, let her know that you should keep everything a secret. That always helps when men make a move on a female colleague. Women are worried that other colleagues will find out - plus it adds excitement, and always makes a relationship far more tempting in my experience."

Follow these steps and you'll be sharing the journey into work from eachother's houses in no time

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