Times are tough. Should a man splash out on his girlfriend?

Katie: “It is 100% the thought that counts. A thoughtful gift that cost nothing can be better that something that cost a fortune, but has no thought behind it.”
Danica: “Honestly, if you made me something, I’d think it was sweet for two minutes…then I’d think, I want a handbag now, please.”

I’m worried about my job. Can I tell you?

Katie: “You’ve got to be in a team in a relationship and be able to discuss things openly. If we have to be sensible and have nights in, that can be just as fun.”
Danica: “In my line of work it hasn’t affected me yet, but it’s always something I’m concerned about as it affects my dad and sister, so yes, you can talk about it.”
Holly: “That’s fine as long as you look for a new job. I’m always happy to pay my way and if we have to stay in for a bit and watch movies, that’s cool.”

Simon Cowell: Is it okay to slag him off?

Katie: “No! Louis is annoying, a bit weird really, but I can see why people like Simon, I think it’s because he’s so powerful.”
Holly: “Don’t slag him off. There’s something I really respect about a self-made man. He’s come from nothing and worked hard to get where he is.”
Danica: “I’ve got a crush on him. It’s not a bad one, but yes, a little bit of one. It’s not his looks, it’s his power, and everybody wants to be with him.”

Does a fella have to spend his New Years with his missus?

Katie: “You should alternate years between your friends and your girlfriend’s friends. If I didn’t know you and you tried to kiss me it would depend on how good looking you were and how drunk I was.”
Holly: “That’s the one night I want to spend with you. It’s the one occasion where, at midnight, you do want a good, old fashioned snog. Everyone’s waiting for that, and it’s good to have friends and family there, but at midnight, it’s time for a snog.”

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