Where to Meet Women: The Top 5 Places

Posted by , 17 March 2011

Wedding parties

Wedding parties

We know what you're thinking - Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson's (s)exploits in Wedding Crashers. But sadly, it's not that straight forward.

Yes, this is going to be harder/longer to orchestrate, since it relies on two people who love each other very much to decide to spend the rest of their lives together and blah, blah, blah… but weddings are a great way to meet girls. For a start, everyone’s in a social mood at weddings (unlike say, chatting to someone on a train). You’ll both be dressed up and looking your best, drink will be flowing and you’ll have loads to talk about. So if any of your mates are thinking of settling down, we suggest you egg them on.

Once said mates reach their big day, ZOO's love guru Kezia Noble has all the advice you need to meet your new missus.

"Wedding parties are on of the best ways to meet women. Most men stay away from interacting with the women until after the meal and speeches - usually by then there is a mad rush for all the unattached women. My advice is to make your aquaitance with as many of the women before the mad rush."

"Make the introductions brief, be charming, then break the rapport and move on. Don’t be tempted to linger around them for too long. When you speak to the woman you like later on, she'll remember you and this will give you a head start."

Splendid. So once that's done, we just hit the dance floor and moonwalk our way into their hearts, right?

"Stay away from being on the dance floor all the time - remember this not a nightclub." Oh.

"The guy dancing all night to the cheesy wedding music will end up dancing with the older female relatives. Stay on the sidelines of the dance floor at the tables and make your moves there. Invite the woman you like to dance for the slow songs only."

Dating and seduction expert Hayley agrees: "Capitalise on the fact that every woman in there is waiting for her Richard Curtis movie moment. If she cries as you dance to ‘You’re Beautiful’, she’s mistaken you for Hugh Grant and will almost certainly let you carry her over the threshold that night."

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