We don't need to tell you that sex is a fantastic thing, everyone knows that. But imagine if it could be even better? Well it can, with our handy sexy tips, as told by ladies.

Here's what you need to know fellas...

10 Music makes sex better

09 Mirrored ceilings are always a bad idea

mirrored ceiling bald

08 You’re not R. Kelly

07 Sometimes sex doesn’t last a long time, and that’s fine

06 Don’t send cock shots

05 Sex in the bath is not what it’s made out to be

04 It’s good to talk


03 You get out of it what you put in…

bruce almighty gif

02 It’s OK to laugh about funny noises (afterwards)

selena gomez laughing gif

01 Bras made easy: Take the two parts in the centre. Pinch them together. Release.