Nobody ever learnt anything without asking questions so, with that in mind, we spoke to a load of girls to compile this cheeky little list of sexy tips.

Here's to some good lovin', folks.

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01 Catholic girls are always naughtier

nun dancing 

02 ...and so are posh girls

posh spice gif

03 Doing it somewhere public makes it 30% better

04 Girls don't dig teabagging


05 The best album to put on is "Dirty Mind" by Prince. Scientific fact.


06 Massages are meh...

 cat massage

07 Sex in a loving relationship is great

08 Always turn the telly off

spongebob square pants

09 Hair pulling is usually fine, if it's not like this...

hair pulling ladies football

10 Threesomes aren't actually that amazing at the time


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