The big first date — an FHM guide

Posted by , 14 September 2011

After the date

After the date

Do not suggest that she stay at yours, it can only come across as sleazy even if you thinly veil it with coffee. She needs to know you really fancy her, but most women will hold out on the first date. It’s your job to go for the kiss at goodbye, but makesure it is lingering and sensual rather than sloppy and eager.

You’ve got to accept that if the sight of you makes her slightly sick in her mouth then it’s probably not going to be wedding bells. You can put in as much groundwork as you like but if there is a basic incompatibility then it would never work. Yes, even short term. However, if you have been as charming as we know you can be then you will have knocked her socks off.

Leave the text until the morning or evening after the date to keep her guessing, but not any longer. Tell her you had a great time and drop in something small you remembered from the date. Build on this and you’re bang on for making the lovely lady all yours.

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