Older women are quite something, no? And we don't mean that girl in the sixth form who you got off with behind the sheds that one time when you were doing your GCSEs (sure, we all believe you, it totally happened even if nobody saw it) but sophisticated, elegant cougar-types who are in the market for young men and all the benefits that we bring.*

Are you dating - or have you, in the past, dated - an older woman? (In a Caroline Flack-Harry Styles type way.) Are you a woman who's dallied with a strapping younger fellow? Did anything interesting happen as a result?

If yes, brilliant. Send your scandalous stories and pics to access@fhm.com and, if we're impressed, we'll shower you with wonderous gifts the likes of which man has never seen.** Plus you'll get your name/face on FHM.com, if you're up for it.

* Full heads of hair, rampant sexual appetite, ability to fix computers when they go wrong
** Man has probably seen such gifts before if we're honest but they'll still be ace