How to flirt on the move

Posted by , 20 September 2011

Be a hero

Be a hero

The guy next to you has been playing Bangra music at 100 decibels for half an hour now and everyone is getting really cheesed off with it including your dream woman. You’ve been trying to pluck up he courage to tell him to keep it down the whole way.

Ok, so you might risk getting publically pummelled, but it’s a risk worth taking to be your girl’s knight in shining armour. If the shit hits the fan just do and Ice Cube and say gangsta rap made you do it .

As stud, womaniser and FHM writer Rob Mcgarr says “With one hand you are solving the world’s problems, but with the other you are beckoning the ladies.” We wouldn’t put it quite like that, but at least you’ll feel noble.

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