The big first date — an FHM guide

Posted by , 14 September 2011



Wherever you are, don’t be nervous. You aren’t James Bond - you are you - so don’t try to be too suave as it will be hopelessly transparent. The chat with inevitably be hard going at the beginning, especially after all your great text bants, but don’t give up.

Pick up on the details of her texts. You’ll be surprised how charmed she is when you remember she was at her Nan’s birthday last Tuesday. Stick to safe topics of conversation, but don’t bore her to the back teeth by asking inane questions like her favourite colour. If you’re the same age things like 90s nostalgia, travelling experiences and university chat are good levellers. You are there to make her feel great and puff up her ego.

When she is talking lean towards and listen (not pretend listening) properly. Don’t interrupt her and remember a good conversationalist is someone who talks to you about yourself. Always pay her compliments, but if the date’s going well you could drop in a couple of niche compliments above the shoulders (e.g. “I love your freckles”, “your hair is a beautiful colour.”) Always above the shoulders.

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