From the right amount of kisses to sexy selfies and TIU (texting under the influence), texting girls is an absolute minefield that can easily go very wrong, very quickly.

Here are a few dos and don'ts we gleaned from speaking to a load of ladies more knowledgeable about love than us...


DO send random funny pictures

DON’T send cock shots




DO re-read your texts before you send them

DON’T rely on spell check




DO text to set up a first date

DON’T text to break up with someone.




DO take the piss out of abbreviations

DON’T use too many abbreviations




DO respond within an hour

DON’T text repeatedly with no reply




DON’T text under the influence

DO invite them out before you're too drunk



DO recognise the friend-zone

DON’T be too full-on straight away



DON’T send vague text messages about meeting up

DO grow a pair and set an actual date




And DON’T text your ex

 Tell us your biggest text blunders in the comments below!

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