Christmas presents the two biggest challenges of the year: surviving the party season and indulging in 24 hours of non-stop eating. With only 11 days left till Christmas Day, we offer you 11 vital tips on how to make it through without dying/getting really fat

(1) Drink lots (of water)
Christmas parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve… booze is positively thrust upon you at this time of year. Ensure that your blood doen't get replaced by Stella by drinking more water. Keep a litre by your bed and chug it as soon as you wake up.

(2) Lunge
Recognise that your desk wants to ruin your posture. Stand up and move around every 20 minutes. You can walk, but office lunging is much more effective. Ignore the stares from the rest of the office, they're just jealous of your rock-hard calves

(3) Dose up on D
If you're only going to buy one supplement, buy a vitamin D supplement. The sun has taken its hat off and wants to cough in your face on the tube, so you need to give your immune system a boost.

(4) Take a walk
Not only is it free, it's also one of the best ways to reduce stress and come up with fresh ideas. Chuggers also provide excellent opportunities for 100m sprints and slalom.

(5) Be nice
Why not actually hug a chugger? Christmas is as good a time as any to find a charity you believe in and set up a direct debit. A few quid a month buys a family a goat that you can feel smug about all year round.

(6) Buy good meat
Invest in some grass-fed beef twice a week and not only will your insides thank you, it'll also help build muscle. It’s as healthy as wild salmon, and at least twice as manly.

(7) Get fizzy
Alternate between fizzy water and booze at Christmas parties – it'll stop you getting so drunk you accidentally wet yourself on the dance floor, and will soften the hangover the morning after.

(8) Floss

Your gums might bleed the first time round, but they’re actually the crimson tears of gratitude. Aside from keeping your choppers in top shape and finding little bits of leftovers, flossing also reduces inflammation, thereby protecting you from all sorts of other illnesses.

(9) Meditate
Finally, an actual reason to sit and do nothing. It’s easily implemented and the stress-reducing benefits are huge. Plus, there’s the off chance you might transcend this physical plane and glimpse the infinite cosmic consciousness. Which is nice. Especially if it’s on a beanbag.

(10) Train your brain
Every time you come across a new word, put it on a note on your smartphone. Then compliment girls on being Calypigean (Google it) and get yourself a hot date.

(11) Veg out
Make a conscious effort to eat more veg. Visualise your plate ¼ meat or fish, ¼ carbs and ½ veg. Let’s face it, you’re going to get a bit fat this Christmas. Getting into this habit will ease that pain a little.

Words: Zack Cahill (@zackcahill), Aegis Training (