So Caroline Flack of Xtra Factor fame is currently dating wet-behind-the-ears 17-year-old Harry Styles from that boyband One Direction. To be honest, we're fine with it – and we wish that we'd had similar experiences when we were that age and not just spent our evenings feeling either scared or confused or over-excited or all three about the opposite sex.

Caroline Flack
This is Caroline Flack. We're big fans

But figured you guys might have an opinion on the whole affair too, so we asked you for your stories on Facebook and Twitter, and you sure as hell got back to us. Viz:

Michael wins the FHM Award for Girlfriend Most Often Mistaken for Grandmother

"I'm 23 and I'm engaged to Barbara, who's 43 – she's older than my mum. I actually met her through her daughter, who fancied me – I went to a party at their house, saw Barbara and fell in love with her straight away. 

Michael and Barbara

I get a lot of hassle from friends and family about our relationship – they say she's too old and ask if I could find a newer model or if I'm happy not having kids of my own, stuff like that. I don't care, though, we're in love.

One time, at a rather posh restaurant, I excused myself to make a phone call and the host asked my girlfriend where her “son” had gone – but we had a laugh about it, you know? It's not the worst thing that's happened, either. Sometimes people think that she's my Gran. That's not great.

But it's worth it, because older ladies bring a lot of experience to the relationship that younger girls can't match."

Kevin (not his real name) wins the FHM Award for Most Scandalous Cougar Encounter

"This reminded me a humorous anecdote of when I was 18 and met a 48 year old MILF who was best mates with my best mate's mum... she also had a 13 year old son who was at a friends house at the time. She was/is a successful business woman with a huge Range Rover and massive "cottage" in the country. One night she invited me to meet her whilst she was walking her lapdog round the area after a lot of flirty texting. I obliged and went back to hers. 

A cougar. Right?
This is what a cougar looks like, by the way. Pic by Harlequeen

It had been a year after I first met her so we had some awkward catching up to do while I sat on her a leather sofa in her boudoir sipping some Sauv Blanc. She asked me about my travels, what I would be studying at Uni etc, then politely asked "So how many times are you going to fuck me tonight?" 

She suggested I finish my glass of wine, then we make our way to bed. What followed was some hair-raisingly good sex with the loudest, horniest woman I have ever met!"

David Owens wins the FHM Award for Slagging Off His Wife's Peers

"I got to know my wife Michelle back when I was 19 and she was 31 – we met when I was working in a bingo hall. It's not like she was visiting, though, we both worked there – I was on reception, and she did book sales. We've been together for twelve years and we recently got married.

Picture of Michelle taken by David, who does photography a bit. Here he is at work

Initially, lots of people thought that the twelve-year age gap might have an impact on our relationship, but I'm happy to say that it's just a normal, loving relationship. It's not different at all. My friends were really understanding, but then again, Michelle doesn't look her age – some of the people she went to school with look haggard and battered now.

What can older women offer that younger women can't? Well, there's experience, that's one thing. I'm not going to go into details. It's not that kind of mag. As far as Caroline Flack and that kid from One Direction go, it's not a laster. She's jumped on the Demi Moore-style bandwagon, I reckon."

ALSO A LADY WROTE IN TO US: Paula Wins the FHM Award for Being The Lady Who Wrote In

"I'm 36 and dating a guy who is 26 – yes, that's 10 years younger. We've been together for a year and a half. Would I change it? Never. The added bonus is that I don't look my age. We never expected this to happen and it sure as hell wasn't planned. Its been the best one and a half years of my life.

Paula and her manfriend

We connect on such a different level - he makes me feel like a million dollars... and the sex is great, too. Its like the younger guys know exactly what to do and are definitely not selfish lovers. Mind you, it works both ways...

To me age is just a number!

I have never felt this way about anyone before and I'm not going to let the age get in the way. His parents totally adore me and support our relationship to the max!"

Stuart (not his real name for reasons that will become obvious) wins the FHM Award for HOLY SHIT YOU GOT OFF WITH YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER FOR TWO YEARS STRAIGHT

"I'm 27 now, but back when I was 17, I started dating my old English teacher from primary school. She was 58 at the time, which is kind of old I guess.

It's all a bit wrong, really. English had always been my favourite subject – I did it all the way up to Uni and I'm a journalist now, which might have been her influence on me I suppose – and, after my Dad died, I needed someone to talk the speech I was going to make at his funeral through with someone.

Sexy Stock Photo of a Sexy Teacher being Sexy
This isn't his teacher, but it came up on a Flickr search for "sexy teacher" so it'll have to do. Pic by mmmou812ic

Well, I'd stayed in touch with this teacher since I'd left school (I'd always liked her) and I went and talked through the speech with her. We hit it off, and we started meeting up... it was all very secretive. We'd meet in random pubs out in the countryside and have a few drinks, and she'd drive me home afterwards. Then one day I actually started singing to her on the way back – it was something terrible, Ronan Keating I think – and then we suddenly kissed. It was a pretty special moment, in retrospect.

She was married, though, which was kind of a problem – she'd been married to her husband for 40 years, and she still is – so we had to keep everything a secret. We went out for two years in total. My friends didn't believe that she existed, mainly because I couldn't introduce her to anyone and I kept telling them all she was 29. All my friends used to think that I was gay because I was turning down girls all the time.

harry Styles
This isn't Stuart, either, it's Harry Styles from One Direction. But he's a 17 year old boy, which is at least tangentially related to this story

Of course, it couldn't last. Firstly, because she actually started introducing me to her husband more and more, and it turned out that he was a really nice guy and it made me examine what I was doing with my life. And secondly, one time, a friend came to pick me up from the station and arrived early while she was still there, so he saw me making out with someone older than my mum. I took a lot of flack for that. 

So, we stopped seeing each other. It runs in the family though – my mum, who's in her fifties now, got off with my best friend at my 21st birthday party. We're still friends, though. Thankfully."