Jenny, 21, Lanarkshire


Hey hey hey plaaayyyaas! im 21 years old and joined this for a lol :P Names Jen - born n raised in scotland but i am part russian on my dads side (love a vodka then so i do!)  I tell bad jokes!(what do jack the ripper and winnie the pooh have in common? SAME MIDDLE NAME! BOOM!) I sing really badly ( think dying cat parade n your on the ball)  Really just sick fed up of all my mates having boyfriends and girlfriends and leaving me to dance by myself like a big loser :)*self rave!* i really like to meet new people and have a laugh with them.Love decent chat and banter and i have a good sense of humour :)  i love to play golf, go out running, dancing in clubs, getting a drink with all my mates and watching the banter flow. i can play piano, cello and violin and I'm really interested in Scottish history. My taste in music is pretty varied - i go from liking heavy metal to classical but im mainly into electronica and alternative music. Fav bands include White Lies, Fleet Foxes, The Smiths, The xx, Nickelback, Linkin Park, Hurts, Dragonforce and Mumford and sons. Fav Films are ANCHORMAN!! Robin Hood men in tights, Ace Ventura, Borat, Team America, adam sandler films things like that . And emmmm im a huge geek at heart ;) love star trek, star wars LOTR and comic books!! I also LOVE family guy (giggity) if your able to quote from Family guy.. you have my heart :P PLEASE - NO HEY HOW ARE YOU MESSAGES ! because where can the convo go from there? haha thanks :)

Tasha, 22, Merseyside

I am who i am, if you don't like it then it don't bother me! Get to know me before you judge me! <3 X <3 x <3 X <3

Laura, 28, Derbyshire

Genuine, Fun, Bubbly and lots of love to give! I just need to find the one thats worth it all. My friends describe me as a social full of life butterfly and as much as I do love my social gatherings I would really like to have somebody to share those with and to share new and exciting things with too. Ideally looking for long term but have learnt my lesson with jumping in feet first so getting to know a true and honest someone will take its time. I do want children and this is a big part of my life plan so anyone who does not want children or anymore children, im sorry but im not for you. I love going out...cinema, restaurants, pubs, clubs with the girls, theatre, long walks on a sunday. I also love staying, snuggles and films, silly games and long chats about anything and everything. I hate rudeness, bad manners and lies! There really is no need for any of these things. Feel free to chat and ask me anything. But players that are just seeing the picture attached and are not actually reading into what I am looking for. xx

Lucy, 18, Hertfordshire

Hiyaaa, I'm Lucy, I'm 18 years old, live in Hertfordshire. I'm a bubbly, happy girly, always up for a laugh. Some say im a bit crazy and sarcastic so please dont be offended haha! I've got a son who means the absolute world to me! Love my friends and family so much too! Erm, i smoke, i love piercings and tattoos! I work 3 days a week and I play netball, go to the gym, love going clubbing, drinking and everything elseee:) I live life to the full really! I've been through a lot the past few years and now looking for a good friend, nothing serious just yet but feel i need something/someone new. With the greatest of respect no weirdos or men that are old enough to be my grandad please! But yeah contact me, i dont bite! Feel free to ask me anything, i like a good chat:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx