Last month, we received this letter from one of you readers:

"Is it just me or is there more passion and thought put in by the British public is selecting FHM's 100 Sexiest than there is in picking MPs? Maybe FHM should form its own party and run at the next General Election. I'd love to see Susanna Reid in as Prime Minster and Rihanna as Chief Whip. It would get my vote!"

And you know what - he might just be onto something. Sadly, we're too busy creating the World's Greatest Mag to delve into the murky world of politics but here's a few ways we think it could be a little bit sexier.

01 More involvement from MP WAGs.

FHM believes that the better halves of sweaty-browed, beige politicians deserve more recognition. They should be allowed to interact with their constituents and have more involvement in the public sphere as a whole.

Take, for example, Karen Danczuk, wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, who uploaded these views to the public over the weekend.

02 Better relations with foreign dignitaries.

FHM believes in inviting more of our European friends over for cups of tea and Fox's Crunch Creams. FHM would like to roll this out by extending an invitation to Princess Letizia, the next queen of Spain, perhaps?

Princess Letizia

03 Keeley, Keeley, Keeley.

Back in 2006, Keeley was praised as an "environmental hero" by David Cameron for her efforts to raise awareness on being green. Her tips included having sex with the lights off and taking sexy selfies with digital cameras, as "film processing and developing uses toxic chemicals."

Getting people to take climate change seriously can be a difficult task at times, but FHM has got the perfect spokesperson.

04 Televised debates that appeal to a wider audience.

Unless you've got a celebrity guest that's likely to pop off with something offensive, it's unlikely you'll be recording a political pissing content for your Sunday sofa telly.

FHM proposes a half-time show during televised debates, taking tips from the Super Bowl and Victoria's Secret catwalk extravaganzas.



05  Susanna Reid for PM.

What the people want, the people get. She can already command an audience at ungodly hours of the morning and her power-dressing skills are unparalleled.

Susanna Reid

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