Buying nice undies for your better half can be a nightmare if you don't know what you're looking for. So many bras, so many colours. Not to mention feeling a little paranoid about walking around the women's underwear aisles.


This festive season, we asked for help from Nicky Clayton, senior buyer for lingerie at House of Fraser. Pick up the latest issue for her solution to the top five most common lingerie-buying problems, as well as ridiculously hot FHM Girlfriend Nicole Neal trying them on for size.

In a hurry? Here are four quick tips to knicker-buying glory from expert Nicky:

01 Jewel colours are trending

"Magenta, navy and teal have been incredibly strong this year, so opt for them if you're at a loss for colour choice. Black is a safe classic, too."

02 Don't fall into the same trap

"The biggest mistake guys make every year is oversizing the bra and undersizing the knickers, perhaps with a bit of wishful thinking. What a way to ruin Christmas Day."

03 Note her knicker preference

"Generally, girls have one silhouette they like to wear, so if she wears a lot of thongs, opt for them in the set."

04 Sneak a look at the label

"As with any other type of clothing, sizing can vary between stores, so bring a brand name and a size to the shop and ask for advice from there."

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