How to flirt on the move

Posted by , 21 September 2011

How to flirt on the move


You know how it is when you fall in love on the bus in the approximate distance between Specsavers and Iceland. Where could this mystery woman be going and what the flip is she doing in your town?

Maybe you’ll turn out to be neighbours and she’ll eventually fall for you whilst listening to Americana rock on your CD walkman. Or maybe she’ll ask you if the seat next to you is taken and accidentally sit on your hand, then later you’ll giggle over it whilst eating pastries in bed.

But lets face it, probs not. James Blunt felt your pain when he saw that girl on the subway with another man. We never did work out exactly what his plan was. It definitely wasn’t making good music.

The truth is when it comes to love on the Northern line (and other shit song titles), you generally just stare blankly ahead with your iod in because you think it makes you look like the kind of mysterious sexy man that’s got his shit together. You actually just look like a miserable bastard.

We thought we’d gently steer you in the right direction to charming the girl on the bus without turning yourself into a humiliated ball of cheese, so listen up.

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