Stop what you're doing right now and pay attention.

Natalie Imbruglia, the 39-year-old Aussie hottie who sang "Torn" and possibly other things, has uttered the words "I'm starting to consider that I should go on Tinder."

Whether or not this was in jest is utterly irrelevant. She made the comment whilst on Kiss FM radio, talking about how single she is and how much she wants, ahem, someone to lurve.

If she signs up, she'll be joining the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Louise Thompson on the list of Tinder celebrities. So it's about time you upped your game.

Blake Jamison, President of Tinder Done for You and the man behind a Tinder hack that got him over 2,000 matches, dishes the dirt on how you can set Tinder on fire and stand out from the crowd..

01 Your first profile picture should feature you alone and show you at your very best. Animals are okay, but friends are not. To determine your very best photo, run 10-20 of your favorites through OkCupid's MyBestFace. MyBestFace is a photo scoring app that gets women to vote on your photos so that you can quickly identify the strongest options and weed out the duds.

02 Include photos that communicate attractive aspects of your life. For example, photos that paint you as adventurous, well-traveled, athletic, outgoing, entertaining, and successful.

03 When swiping, don't look at every picture the girl has on her profile. Go with your gut reaction on the first photo. After that, if you match, you can decide to pursue her or not.

04 Come up with a handful of icebreaker messages that can be sent to any woman and test, test, test. As the man, you'll usually be the one breaking the ice. A very solid first message can garner a 90-95% response rate, while a poor first message can get a response rate as low as 0-5%. In order to separate the winning icebreakers from the losers, keep track of how many times you send each message and how many times women respond.

05 Don't be afraid to take it off Tinder fast. Ask her for her Facebook so you can see more photos of each other and decrease the likelihood of a big surprise later when you meet in person. Messaging through Facebook can also be less intrusive than texting and helps build trust for a potential offline meeting in the near future.

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