All-American UFC ring-girl Brittney Palmer gives you the low-down on how to impress the ladies at a house party, so you're not just forever remembered as 'that guy'. So listen up good and proper, because these are wise words from a woman so hot she's practically volcanic...


Do bring girls
“Bring as many girls to the party as is humanly possible. At American parties, the more girls you bring the better-looking other girls think you are.”

Don’t bring guys

“I don’t believe in the whole wingmen thing. Why would you want more competition? Just turn up with girls and take your chances.”

Do drink shots first
“I fully believe in the old maxim, ‘Beer before liquour, never been sicker. Liquour before beer and you’re in the clear.’ So don’t drink beer and then shots or you will be puking all night – and no one likes that guy.”

Don’t get too drunk
“This isn’t just a don’t for house parties. As a general rule in life, getting incredibly drunk is a bad idea, as you do stupid things and never look your best.”

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