So you’re doing your shopping, picking up the essentials, when you turn into the fresh fruit and veg aisle and – bam – there she is: a grocery goddess.

Stay calm. It’s time to put into practice the mysterious art of supermarket seduction.

01 You're behind her at the  checkout  
Being stuck in the queue behind your supermarket sex bomb is a blessing. “Gossip rags give you the perfect icebreaker,” says Christian Hudson, CEO of social-confidence company The Social Man. “Say something like, ‘Man, I wish David Beckham would come out the closet and admit he’s a robot’.

And what you’re buying needs to send out the right message too, says behavioural psychologist Felix Ekonomakis: “Just make sure you’ve got more than Wotsits and chicken nuggets in your basket or she’ll think you’re a big kid.”

02 You’re waiting for a sign
“Don’t get hung up on the signals a girl may or may not be giving,” says Hudson. “My last girlfriend told me she always wanted to meet a guy in the supermarket, yet she would appear deliberately ‘closed off’ because she didn’t want to be bothered by a guy who wouldn’t try and overcome her initial disinterest.

Not surprisingly, she never met a guy in a grocery store, but it shows your best shot might come from just biting the bullet and going for it.”

03 You’re both on the same aisle
This is it – time for the food chat.

Number-one rule: don’t tell her how to cook. “No one likes unsolicited advice from a stranger,” says Hudson. “Instead, pick up a swede and say something like, ‘I keep trying to cook these things and I never get it right. But it keeps me coming back to try and crack its mystery.’ It’s not a question, but it’s rich enough to invite a reply.”

FHM resident funnyman Daniel Sloss says: “Don’t forget to smell vegetables when you pick them up. I don’t know why. But you have to smell vegetables before you buy them.”


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