Megan, 19, Essex


hi my names megan im 18 . im outgoing looking for love like a lot of girls that one prince to charm me :) and make me feel special so i can return the favore and make him feel like the best man in the world . i like cooking and horse riding i used to have two horses . ive just moved back to the uk because i used to live in france since i was 10 ! so i speak fluent french and can speak in english with a french acent !! hehehe :D

Hayley, 20, Strathclyde

So I figured having a go at this wouldn't hurt to try! I'm Hayley, a really rather chatty (this is an understatement, I apologise) and excitable girl who loves nothing better than to spend a Saturday night socialising followed by spending the Sunday laughing at the previous night! I love my university course and am, at heart, a small town (very, very small town) girl living it up in the big city like all good students do!

I also love singing and being a massive science and manga nerd because I'm just so cool like that =D

Aimee, 18, Lancashire

Likes Movies, Restaurants and keeping fit!

Hannah, 21, West Yorkshire

I'm in my first year at university studying law, i've had a really tough year and so getting here has been quite a struggle but i've made it so i wanna give it my everything and really do well as it's the only thing i know that i want to do right now!

I'm a really open and honest person, i trust people too easily these are my main weaknesses, i guess i shouldn't really have told you that but ah well!

Tessa, 18, Lancashire