If you haven't heard of Tinder yet, that means you're only moments away from one of your single mates waving their phone in your face.

Tinder is a new dating app that uses a simple Hot Or Not mechanic to match you up with other lovely, single girls near you, using your Facebook profile.

It'll tell you what mutual friends you have, what shared interests (likes) you have and how near you are to each other, without revealing an exact location.


The idea is simple. Press the green heart and the girl will only know you've pressed it if she has pressed it too. So there's no chance of awkward, unrequited love/lust.

Then you can message each other right away. Nice idea, right?

FHM have already had a little play around on Tinder. For research purposes, you understand. And the girls of the office have already come across some glaring, common mistakes guys are making.

Here are the DOs and DON'Ts of Tinder to help you bag the girl of your dreams.

01 DO make it clear who you are by including solo photos as well as group ones.

Photogenic guy photobomb

02 DON'T stare intensely down the camera. Because it's intense, which means you're intense, which makes girls tense.

Overly attached BF meme

03 DO smile. It makes all the difference.

DOs and DON'Ts of Tinder


04 DON'T be doing anything with your penis. Now is not the time.



05 DO avoid topless selfies. It makes you look like an arrogant douche.

06 DON'T be naked. Alone or otherwise...

no homo meme


07 DO include photos of any sports you play or interests you have. It adds personality, especially if it's something awesome...

Felix Baumgarnter meme

08 DON'T include your own wedding photos or recent baby scans. You'd think that one was a given but, hey...



09 Most important, DO just be yourself. It's a cheesy line, but it increases your chances of finding your dream girl.

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 Is Tinder not for you? Why not try FHM's very own dating site.

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