According to the Birmingham Mail, Miley has called Birmingham "the sluttiest city in the world."

She's basing this claim on the fact that the brummie fans were more than happy to flash her during her gig at the NIA on Friday. We're not quite sure if that's meant to be a compliment or not, and the residents were equally perplexed.

Now, obviously, Miley Cyrus is a woman that knows quite a lot about a lot of things. Twerking for example, or the hygenic issues that come with licking various inanimate objects.

But is she really the best person in the world to be making sweeping accusations about how much sex certain cities are having?

No. No she isn't, but statistical scientists and students are. We spoke to the geniuses over at Student Beans to fill us in with some proper, hardcore facts.

And it turns out that it's not Brummies that are sexing it up the most at all.. check out the top ten sexiest uni towns below.

Click here to see the full table and see how sexy your city is.

Student Beans also discovered which courses are sexiest, with students of leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail having the most sexual partners.

The 2nd sexiest course is Philosophy, which must be something to with all that incense and sitting on carpets talking about life. After all, it was Rene Descartes who said "the greatest minds are capable of the greatest vices."

Don't act like you're not impressed... 

Who came last? Midwifery (oh, the irony), Human Resources (HR alert!) and Chemical Engineering. See the full results here.