The ins and outs of finding love (and sex) in the office

Posted by , 04 February 2014



Her hand brushes yours when you reach for the stapler

“When she touches your arm, it might as well be Christmas,” says Daniel. So if it’s happened a couple of times, does this mean it’s on?

Not necessarily. “It might mean nothing – some people emphasise points by touching,” says Dr Wheatley. “Or she might be flirting to get her own way.”

One thing’s for certain – it’s not an open invitation to touch her back. “Girls are allowed to touch guys,” says Daniel. “Not us – we’re horrible, sex-driven things. Never grab a girl’s arse unless she’s your girlfriend. Just don’t. And if she hugs you, don’t smell her hair. I know it’s tempting, because it smells like happiness. But it’s weird.”

Sod it… you’re going to make contact

“Touch her forearm for emphasis while you’re making a point,” says Dr Wheatley. “The way to do this without being too over the top is to avoid eye contact. That kind of body language is the equivalent of putting something in italics. What you’re looking for is the shoulder melt – their shoulders might come up in surprise at first, but they’ll drop down if they like chatting with you.”

You touchy too muchy

“An absolute HR minefield,” says Tara. “Remember that one person’s harmless flirting is someone else’s harassment and, legally, the reaction of the recipient trumps the intention of the flirter. This is an easy line to cross inadvertently, so best avoid it altogether – or stick to brief touches in ‘safe’ areas such as arms. Steer clear of bums and waists.”

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