How to get your girlfriend to give you a blowjob

Posted by , 12 August 2011

Return the favour

Return the favour

Put enough coppers in a fruity and eventually cherries will line up and you’ll get a big old payoff. DON'T post shrapnel into your girlfriend. Rather, try clocking up some favours that will earn you blowjob tokens.The most obvious is to go down on her first, but if she’s not crazy about oral she will still store back-stroking, massage and nice boyfriending in the favour bank.

In the case of cunnilingus it is advisable to get her going first, but don’t let her climax. Once she’s good and turned on she’ll be far more warm for your genital form. Building up a reliable system of tit for oral tat will ensure you get yours without leaving her frustrated and loudly exhaling in the dark.

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