The ins and outs of finding love (and sex) in the office

Posted by , 04 February 2014



You’re in the kitchen with her

It’s time to break some goddamn ice. No prizes for guessing how to do it.

“If you can make someone laugh you will have their attention,” says Dr Wheatley. “Humour gives you an opportunity to make eye contact because when we’re laughing, we often look right at people.”

But what to say? “Talk about a stupid thing that happened to you that morning,” says Daniel. “Like: ‘I’ll never learn to wash the spoon face down under the tap.’ It invites a response, so she’ll be involved in a conversation with you before she even knows it.”

She keeps mentioning her boyfriend

Every time you find yourself in a one-on-one situation with your workplace crush, she brings up some bloke she insists on referring to as her “boyfriend”.

All hope lost? “Don’t be so sure,” says Dr Wheatley. “She could be playing games. There is a school of thought among some women that says you’ve got to have a man to get a man. When somebody mentions their partner a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not interested in you. It can be a way of demonstrating that they’re not an emotional leper – somebody finds them attractive.”

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