As summer rolls on, an army of novelty t-shirt-wearing Brits descends from its EasyChariot and launches a debauched invasion of European towns and beaches.

Yes, it’s Stag and Hen do season, and that means sun, sea and, according to new research from leading marital affairs website, a hostel-full of cheating.

You may be familiar with the old mantra of “what goes on tour, stays on tour.” Well, it turns out over a third of British men subscribe to it.

A staggering 36% of guys admit to having cheated on their wives and girlfriends on a Stag do, but perhaps more surprisingly, 16% of women admit to having done the dirty deceitful deed themselves while on a friend’s Hen do.

Having heard that holiday cheating was on the up, FHM took to the streets to find out from some lovely ladies what they really think about what goes on when guys and girls hit the sand and sangrias…


Rebecca, 22, Newport Pagnall: "Boys are more likely to cheat. But girls who cheat, cheat twice as bad. If a girl cheats she'll do it with loads of boys."


Jennifer, 23, London: "I always stay away from guys on holiday, because I find them really sleazy."


Hannah, 20, Hampshire: "Cheating is tempting, I'm not going to lie. It's the whole holiday feeling. You kind of separate it from your normal life."


Kelly, 24, London: "You hear more about men cheating. I have a lot of male friends that it."