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Posted by , 18 October 2013



You see her every day, at exactly the same time. Walking her dog and looking sexier than anyone has any right to at seven in the morning. How sexy? She still looks hot when bending down to scoop up canine excrement. That’s how sexy.

01 Get your own pooch
If you really want to hit it off with the dog-walker, you’re going to need your own four-legged poop-machine.

“If you have one yourself, she’ll immediately project all the positive associations she has about dog-owning on to you,” says Economakis. “You’re instantly a loyal, kind, dedicated person.”

“I’ve taught my labrador to give hugs," says Sloss. "Girls see her hugging me and think it’s really sweet. But the dog just wants a biscuit. It’s pure dependency.”

Dog hug GIF

02 Introduce yourself
Sadly, you’ve got a window of precisely four seconds each day to catch her eye as you pass each other. “After you’ve seen her a few times, introduce a wave and then a ‘Hey stranger,’” says Hudson.

After that you’ll be OK to bend down to say hi to the dog. “Start calling it ‘buddy’ or ‘baby’. Ask her why she chose that breed, and then when the time’s right, tell her you know a park that’s ‘butt-sniffin’ heaven’ and make a date of it. Don’t forget to bring a treat for the pup.”

03 Her dog bites you
That little shit just bit you! Choke down your fury. Punting her pooch into a bin might feel like the right thing to do, but it’s not going to help your chances.

“If you’re good around animals, a woman will always see this as a positive," says Economakis. "It’s the same as if you’re good with kids – she’ll subconsciously imagine you being good with her own kids.”


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