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Posted by , 18 June 2014



When you got that gym membership in January, all your mates thought you’d have knocked it on the head by February. But it’s June and you’re still going.

Is this anything to do with the Lycra-clad sex bomb who’s there every Tuesday and Thursday? Yeah, thought so.


01 She’s watching you exercise
“In a gym, you’ll be surrounded by douchebags with issues doing thousands of bicep curls,” says FHM resident funnyman Daniel Sloss. “So just act different from them. Sit in the middle of the floor and do pilates.”


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Christian Hudson, CEO of social-confidence company The Social Man, recommends turning the gym into your own personal bar from Cheers: “Make friends. Get spots from the guys and say hi to a few of the girls. Once she sees you’re sociable and friendly, it’ll be no problem to go up to her and say, ‘Hey, I haven’t met you yet. What’s your name?’”
02 To sweat or not to sweat
It’s a tough one – do you go hard to show her you’re serious about fitness, thereby turning yourself into a sweat-drenched monstrosity, or do you slack off a bit to preserve your cool?

“There was a study done that showed that when a woman’s ovulating she is attracted to male sweat,” says behavioural psychologist Felix Economakis. “Outside of that time she’s repulsed by it. There’s nothing you can do about that.”

Sloss recommends achieving “a gentle glistening”.

03 Your chemical romance
The good news is that during a work-out is the perfect time to approach a girl. Economakis: “When men and women work out they create testosterone in their bodies. It’s a turn-on hormone, so if you’re pumping iron you’ll feel more inclined to mate with someone. Or fight.”

The bad news is that you have to pick your moment. “A lot of the time people just want to put their earphones in, focus on their routine.”

Sloss: “Don’t approach a woman when you’re out of breath. Ever.”

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