The holiday wingman that’s more important than your passport

Posted by , 24 July 2013


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    Are girls naughtier than guys on holiday?

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    Weekends For Men: FHM Goes To Stockholm

Going on holiday with the boys? Then make sure you’re one step ahead of the game with this new app from Lynx.

We’ve all been there. A few nights into your holiday, it’s 2am and you’re leaving a bar to track down the friends that you managed to lose in the middle of the foam party.

You step outside and scan through the crowds and your pals are nowhere to be seen. They’re probably still inside under a mountain of washing-up liquid and Sambuca. You’re on your own.

Suddenly, your eyes flash over to a group of gorgeous girls so hot you feel like your blood’s going to turn into a vindaloo. It’s now or never: you either risk being on your lonesome or you wear your charm on your sleeve and make some beautiful new friends. You step a little closer and you realise that they don’t speak English. Bugger.

This is where Lynx’s Get Le Girl app comes in. With a little detective work, you figure out their nationality – maybe one of them mentions Zidane with a warm look of affection or starts bopping ecstatically to some German techno music.

You just need one clue and you’re sorted. You load up the app, tap in the desired nationality and BOOM! You’ve got your opening line. Lynx has saved the bloody day.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the app. At its essence, it’s a lads' translation tool that means you never have to be dawdling behind when some silver-tongued Enrique Iglesias lookalike swoops in while you’re talking to a girl at the bar.

But it also takes it to the next level with its game mode – pitting you up against your mates with chat-up challenges and giving you the best drinking game/pulling tactics we’ve seen in bloody ages.

Available for iPhone and Android, download it, learn it and get on it. Check out the video above to get the full Lynx-y low down.

Download the app on Android.

Download the app on iPhone.

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