Ah, love…Sometimes it can be a tricky old business. Luckily, for you readers, FHM has banded together a top team of relationship experts to deliver the very best advice...

Do take a moment
But not in the "I need the toilet" sense. “Every day look at your partner and give them a little positive attention,” says Dr Pam Spurr (drpam.co.uk). “This can be anything from a hug, to sex, to eye contact. However big or small the gesture these few moments will strengthen your relationship.”

Don't constantly argue over the same thing
“Arguing is fine as long as it moves you forward,” says Dr Pam. “But if you find yourselves having the same argument over and over again, then you need to sit down and put down a finite solution to it or you will never move forward.”

Do ensure your positive interactions outweigh your negative ones
“According to studies you need to have a five to one ratio of positive to negative interactions in order for your relationship to be successful,” reveals relationship expert Ian Kerner (iankerner.com). Well, what are you waiting for? Start talking about the happy times.

Don't do all the work
“If you’re the one who always makes the plans, the one who always apologises and the one who always makes concessions, then you have one of two problems,” says Tracey Cox (traceycox.com). “Either you’re controlling your partner and not giving them a chance to solve things. Or you’re with someone who is nowhere near as into you as you are into them.”

Do think about things from your partner's point of view
“Try and see any problems from your girlfriend’s perspective,” instructs Tracey Cox. Note: this means trying to get inside her head, not trying to put on her bra. “Then think about what she saw and react accordingly, as, you never know, she may be right.”

Don't use absolute language
“Never say ‘You never’ or ‘You always’,” advises psychotherapist Anne Rettenberg (annerettenberg.com). “If you do, then it’s a blanket condemnation of your partner’s actions that is impossible for them to constructively respond to. Instead, address specific situations or habits by saying things like ‘I really feel bad when you belittle my dishwasher-loading skills…’”

Do make sure you give out the correct signals

“Flirt, look her in the eyes, lean in and make the first move over and over again,” says dating and relationship coach Jo Hemmings (johemmings.co.uk). “At the start of your relationship this shows you fancy her and in the middle of your relationship it shows you’re still as hot for her as you were when you first met, which is something all women worry about.”

Don't think that sex solves an argument
“Guys often think that sex means everything is settled and done,” explains Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide To Pleasuring A Woman, “but women often have sex and still have the issue. So have sex and then work out the problem, or vice versa.”

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