Before you go and watch 50 Shades of Grey (out of sheer curiosity, of course, or because your girlfriend wants to), prepare yourself for a little kinkiness by reading the nation's strangest between-the-sheets habits...


Matt, 24, barman, London

"Having sex outdoors. It adds a sense of danger to it."


Josefina, 19, student, Norway

"I love a cheeky smack on my bum. That's really hot."


Emma, 26, psychologist, Manchester

"It's pretty strange to say, but feeling someone's skin between my teeth is the one. I love biting a guy."


Kristen, 21, student, Norway

"Seeing a man dressed up as a plumber really gets me going."


Lee, 23, navy technician, Isle of Man

"I go mad for a girl pretending to be an animal. Ideally, a tiger."


Jessica, 19, stylist, Dublin

"Really loud music! I love having sex with loads of bass so people can't hear me and I can really let go."


Lisa-Maria, 22, pharmaceutical assistant, Austria

"I've liked kissing other girls, so I get turned on thinking about a threesome with a guy and a girl. I'd love it."


Shona, 19, shop assistant, Dublin

"I love it when a guy takes control. Being picked up and doing it against a wall really turns me on."


Laurie, 23, electrical engineer, Isle of Man

"I like it when a girl lays her socks on me, especially if she's been working out in them. The sweatier the better."


Anniken, 19, sales assistant, Norway

"I like biting, but not being bitten. I go crazy when I bite my boyfriend's muscly arms."


Kat, 23, dancer, London

"I've got such a thing for older men. I love the idea of being with someone that can teach me new tricks."


Emily, 21, student, Leeds

"Having the backs of my knees touched and tickled. That cant be normal, right?"


Omat, 20, musician, Italy

"Sex when it's secret is a turn-on. Doing it when you're not supposed to gets the adrenaline going."


Annabel, 20, student, Watford

"I've got two spots on my tummy that turn me on when a guy tickles them. I love having my ear nibbled, too."


Rachel, 28, support worker, Farnborough

"Experimenting with sex toys like beads is amazing. And I'm all for a cheeky finger."


Jennie, 26, student, Liverpool

"I love being bitten on my boobs. It drives me wild."


Angiee, 22, barista, London

"I love it rough. I like to be pushed and pulled around the bedroom."


Jasmine, 20, student, Surrey

"My weirdest turn-on is when I'm having sex and a guy puts his finger elsewhere at the same time."


Daniel, 20, and Maren, 19, both students, Norway

"I like it when she wears nipple tassels! And she loves having hot sex in the shower."


Harry, 19, stylist, London

"Ponytails. I don't know why, but I've loved them since I was about 13. I like seeing girls pull back their own hair."


Jessie, 22, model, London

"I absolutely love seeing feet. They're gorgeous! Just everything about them gets me going."


Paige, 20, student, Liverpool

"My boyfriend's smile is my biggest turn-on."


Jakub, 26, photographer, Poland

"I don't think it's odd, but seeing someone being creative with their mind is my biggest turn-on."


Chris, 20, student, London

"Being scratched. I've found out that not everyone is up for it, though."


Words: Hannah Eichler
Photography: Sam Hisby

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