In this month's FHM, we give you the top 40 sex truths that all men should know, as told by a highly skilled (and saucy) panel of men and women. One thing that all the girls agreed on was that men needed to be more open to a crafty finger in the bum. We decided to get on the streets and ask what the sexually-liberal British public thought about it all. 

Simon, age 28.

So you've just met a nice girl and you're mid-coitus, suddenly she reaches around and introduces a finger, what do you think?
I think yes. You never know what could make her more open to trying new things. She may be willing to try a lot more afterwards too I reckon. Imagine what you could get out of it if you let her and then the roles were reversed. Just be spontaneous with it.

Isabelle & Laura, age not given.

Anal play, what do you think? Would you slip your boyfriend a digit?
Isabelle: I’d never encourage it but if I did, I'd make sure they’d showered, thoroughly.

Laura: I think you should definitely just try it, if they like it carry on. I wouldn’t discuss it beforehand though, imagine how awkward it would be?

Would it make you think less of a man if he asked for it?
Isabelle: If you are in a relationship maybe you should talk about their sexual preferences first? Then you know from the get go, but I’d try anything.

What about a guy surprising the girls mid-sex?
Isabelle: If it’s coming from a guy then I think it’s a good thing.

Helgi, age 29.

How would you feel about a girl giving you the finger mid-sex?
It depends on the girl, it’s probably more of a girlfriend thing because there’s a bit of a trust issue with it. But surly girls wants a guy to take charge, you shouldn’t ask for it… Just go with the flow.

Kieran, age 20 and Holly age 21

So you guys are a couple, how would you feel if your girlfriend gave you the finger when you were having sex?
Are you talking showing you the middle finger or pooper-scooper?

Kieran: Oh…then that’s fine. Guys should embrace it and experiment; it’s a good way to introduce new things. I enjoy it, it’s a different kind of feeling.
Holly: I’d find it slightly creepy if you pre-discussed it, but definitely in the heat of the moment. I’d be open to trying it out.

Should it stop at just digits?
Kieran: It should stop if you’ve had a curry, definitely don’t do it if you’ve had a curry.

Lucy. Age 22.

Do you think it's acceptable to slip your finger (or thumb) in a guys bum during sex?
It’s not the worst thing out there is it? But definitely a personal preference, and definitely not mine. Maybe talk about it before but generally, it’s a thumbs down.

No pun intended…

Faye, age not given

What do you think to girls slipping boys the finger when they have sex?
It’s the new craze isn’t it and I guess men have been getting away with it for years haven’t they so, why not? I think men should be more adventurous but it should be enjoyable. Nobody wants to see a boy in pain.

Oskar, age 29.

You're with a girl, it's going well. Suddenly, out of nowhere she sticks a finger in you, how do you react?
I think it really depends on how drunk you are, girls should be open to it and so should guys. Just make sure you have a shit beforehand, I reckon that’s pretty important.

FHM's conclusion

Wanting to experiment with the odd finger isn't going to make your partner question your sexuality. A bit of anal is perfectly acceptable for people of every single sexual preference. As long as both parties are happy to give it a go, lube up and get poking! Just make sure you have a shower first.

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