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Posted by , 29 June 2011

Situation relevance

Situation relevance

Try and make your chat sound as casual as possible. We know this is easier said than done, but it all starts with what those smarmy, self-satisfied pick-up artists call ‘SitRel’ (that’s Situation Relevance, to non-wankers).

This basically means not making weird comments about stuff that has nothing to do with the situation you're in or asking questions completely out of the blue, like that old classic, "What’s your star sign?" As obvious as this might sound, it’s actually one of the most common mistakes made in the subtle 'art' of chat-up. There’s actually no real art to it at all - just talk about what’s going on around you, as opposed to what’s going on in your sick mind.

In a bar, for instance, this could be a simple comment about how long it’s taking to get a drink. Or, on the train, you can make a mundane observation about public transport. It really doesn’t matter how boring it sounds to you, the important thing is that it’s unintimidating and easy to respond to - so if she’s even the slightest bit interested (or even marginally polite), she will answer you.

Girls will happily take a chance on someone who seems a little bit boring in the first couple of minutes if he seems confident and relaxed. They're less likely to take a chance on that over-enthusiastic loon who’s asking them if they like drum and bass while they’re waiting to go into the dentist. Small talk is normal. And women like normal. You can prove you’re not dull as shit when you take them out later.

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