How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide

Posted by , 08 November 2011

How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide


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    Redseven's overseas stag weekend recommendations

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    Who to invite and who to leave behind

Who organises a stag do? The BEST MAN.

Not the 'yeah he's kind of alright and I've known him for years' man. Not the 'actually he can be a bit of a dick sometimes but I can't trust anyone else not to get me arrested' man.The best man.

So, if you're organising a stag do, you need to be absolutely the best man and organise the stag do to end all stag dos.

But, if you’ve never done it before, how can you be expected to know what it takes to organise a good stag do? There’s loads to think about: who to invite, who to ditch (and how to ditch them), how much to spend, whether to go abroad or stay in blighty, what activities (if any) to do, what fancy dress you can force the stag to wear and, crucially, all the vagaries involved in deciding whether or not to book a stripper.

Luckily, your trusty pal FHM is on hand to help. Between the team, we’ve organised countless stag dos, only one of which culminated in flagellation by a Bavarian dominatrix, permanent scarring and arrest. Admittedly, it was a male Bavarian dominatrix, the permanent scar looks like a nose-Swastika and the arrest means one ex team member can never visit the States, but everyone’s allowed one slip up, right? Besiiiiiides, who really wants to go the States anyway? We reckon, with our (near) faultless track record, you’d be mad not to listen to us.

We’ve also enlisted the help of Redseven, the world’s leading stag do company. If, after reading this indispensable guide, you still don’t feel capable of organising a killer stag, one quick call to them and it’ll all be done for you, leaving you to sit back and lap up the plaudits.

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