For the next month, FHM is going to follow a strict training regime in an attempt to bulk up. Follow our exploits and train along if you think you can handle it (you almost certainly can)…

Click on the image for your full-size printable training plan

Our starting measurements are:

Height: 6'2andabit" (we don't expect to gain much in this area, to be honest)

Weight: 12 stone 2 pounds

Chest: 40"

Bicep: 12" (13.5" when flexed)

We look like this:

Yes, that is a t-shirt suntan on our left arm

Check back next week to see how we fared during the first week of training.

If you really fancy throwing yourself into this shit, sign up here for the Fitness Heroes Challenge. There's a seperate category for those that want to bulk up and those that want to shed fat. The winner in each category gets £4k, and the runner up receives £1k. But obviously it's all about the self improvement and sense of hard-earned satisfaction *winky face*.