We saw The Joy Formidable in Shoreditch on Friday, at a warehouse gig so cool if you held your drink in the air it'd come down with ice stuck to it. But beforehand we got the band to chat about their favourite meals, because you can go anywhere to read about their music but their nutritional facts come straight from us. Also they drew us a monster (above), taking turns to draw the head, body, and legs. It looks pretty weird.

BONUS RITZY QUOTE ONE: On a meal for everyone to share: “Really good bottle of wine and a fuckin' nice baguette.” Photo by Nebelux76

1. Risotto. Bass guitarist Rhydian likes it: “It's a poor man's food. They're always the best. All about taste from simple ingredients. Best stuff to put in is chicken and mushroom, bit of white wine, make your own stock – always got to make your own stock. Much better than a cube. Oh, and pineapple, too. You can put pineapple in it if you want.”

Thai Green Curry
Matt, on his tie: “It makes me think of pot pourri, or a curtain – like Laura Ashley curtains, like I went into a shop and attacked their curtains with a pair of scissors, then wore the material round my neck.” Photo by FootosVanRobin

2. Thai Green Curry. Drummer Matt prefers something a bit Asian: I'm into Thai Green curry. I haven't tried making the paste on my own, but I do everything else from scratch. I prefer to put some water chestnuts and mange tout in there, a bit of chicken, beef... other... beasts, whatever, really. 

BONUS RITZY QUOTE TWO: On bacon. “We were in America right, and it was Bacon week at Denny's – it was crazy, there was... fuckin', bacon yoghurt, bacon drinks, bacon smoothies, bacon ice cream...” Photo by Henry Browncoat

3. Avgolemono. Ritzy, guitarist and lead singer, likes (but can't remember the name of) this Greek soup: “There's a traditional Greek soup with chicken in called ago.. agolo... ago-lo-lomeno, I think. I'm not going to try and pronounce it properly. But it's got chicken, and rice, and a lot of lemon juice, and the yolk of a egg cracked in. It's really good if you're ill.”

BONUS RITZY QUOTE THREE: On having a 15-minute conversation about food: “And what's ironic about it is, right, we haven't had a fuckin' proper dinner in about two years.” Photo by WayTru

4. Ribs. Rhydian advises a good ol' rack of ribs as means to seduce a lady. “Ribs are a great first date food. Lets you get dirty, get filthy, get in there, you know?” Matt, conversely, worried that the BBQ sauce might get too "tingly." Wise, we think.

Joy Formidable aftermath
Pictures don't exist of the mess that Rhydian imagined below, so here's the stage at the end of the gig after The Joy Formidable were done trashing it and jumping up and down

5. Tapas fusion. Rhydian continues his ridiculous menu options: “If everyone was sharing, I'd like a tapas selection, but a fusion, so there's like... bouillabaisse mixed with full English breakfast. Like a fish stew, but with bacon slices in.”

Ritzy and Matt off The Joy Formidable
Here's a better picture of the monster, ably held by Ritzy - it has the legs of an octopus, a single breast, and the head of a Mr Man

We'd like to thank Clarks Originals for letting us into a gig that can only be described as fucking awesome, and The Joy Formidable for putting it on. If you're unaware of how good they are, here's a video that you should watch: