The nine greatest moments in Ashes history

Posted by , 08 July 2009

The nine greatest moments in Ashes history


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    Glenn McGrath injures himself playing Aussie Rules

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    Aussies back themselves at 500-1 (to lose)

As we kick off this year’s Ashes series, there remains a very real danger that 2005 is becoming as familiar a date to home-gown sporting fans as 1966. It was in 2005, of course, that England’s brave boys smote the all-conquering Aussies - the classic McGrath/Warne/Gilchrist/Hayden/Ponting line-up - then got hammered in front of the Queen, and reminded the nation that cricket was in fact “quite a good game”.

We all know what happened next. Normal service was resumed. 5-0 to the Aussies. England were humiliated in front of 10,000 travelling fans, who wondered why exactly they’d blown five grand to fly to the other side of the world over Christmas to be laughed at. Daily. Over the entire length of a five match Test series.

So, obviously we’re hoping that 2005 doesn’t become a totemic year surrounded by decades of abject failure for the England cricket team. And to give us comfort, here are nine Ashes moments that – while rarely mentioned on the sporting pages – should remind us all why the battle for sport’s teeniest trophy should be the highlight of this summer (please God).

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