The Skill

While FHM always promotes the idea of men as ‘generous lovers’, there are times when you want to take it a bit easy. Perhaps you’ve had a hard week at work, or you’re drunkenly incapacitated. Or maybe you just went overboard on the naan bread and mango pickle and it’s probably best if you don’t jiggle around too much. Either way, this is where she can come into her own and really show off her sexual athleticism.

Step 1
Start with her on top, legs akimbo while you growl quietly.


Step 2
She lifts her left leg up and across you so that both are on the same side. Like she’s riding a horse side-saddle. A slightly flatulent, sweaty horse, that is.


Step 3
She continues turning until her back’s to you. There’s a risk of her tearing your dick off if she swivels round quickly in one go, but taking it in small stages will leave you safe.