5/ Chevrolet Corvette

The ultimate example of modern day, high-performance American motoring, the Chevrolet Corvette is one of the only cars actually capable of beating Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Although the model is constantly being redesigned and improved, it’s hard to choose a more attractive model than the 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe, which is one of the best-looking cars ever made.

4/ Jaguar E-Type

As well as being the easiest-on-the-eye Jaguar ever made, the E-Type also happens to have a 3.8 litre engine. First built in 1961 with some design elements that were gratuitously borrowed from the D-Type race car that preceded it, it was designed as a two-seater coupé for wealthy couples to spend sunny weekends blissfully cruising around the countryside in. A beauty.

3/ AC Cobra 427

American ex-racing driver carmaker Carroll Shelby is the man to thank for introducing the AC Cobra 427 to the world which, with its seven-litre engine, 425hp and ability to go from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds, is as powerful as it is pretty. For an AC Cobra circa 2010 you can expect to pay around £2.5m. The comedian Bill Cosby used to have one, but it was destroyed in an accident. Not very funny, no doubt.

2/ Porsche 911

If you want a supercar you can drive home to see your mum in without causing too much of a fuss, look no further than the Porsche 911. Made in Germany, it’s a rear-engine vehicle that was first introduced in 1963 but has undergone continuous development to keep it up to date with modern demands. Popular for racing, rallying and driving into town trying not to look like a douchebag, it’s the jewel in Porsche’s crown.

1/ Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari’s greatest moment, and the best sports car ever made. First introduced in 1962 based on a concept created by motoring wizard and chief engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, its 3.0L V12 engine enables 0-60 mph acceleration in 6.1 seconds. They rarely appear on the market, but when they do they fetch silly money, as Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, who bought one for £20 million, can attest to.