How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide

Posted by , 12 October 2011

Whether to go abroad or stay in the UK

Whether to go abroad or stay in the UK

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Part of this will come down to budget – a two-week smash in Vegas will obvs cost more than a one-night jaunt to Southend – but that’s not the only consideration.

Some stags prefer to venture overseas for the enhanced "what goes on tour stays on tour" feeling and to benefit from some of the more liberal laws on offer in places like Amsterdam and Tallinn.

But be careful, some popular European stag destinations have draconian laws on things like drinking outside or taking your top off and pretending to impregnate that statue of a war hero, and will have no sympathy for a bunch of boozed-up Brits. Make sure everyone in your party knows the rules. Sure, one of your mates getting locked up seems like a laugh… until he rings you from the prison, sobbing uncontrollably and asking you to bring condoms.

Staying in the UK will save you money on flights and ting, but don’t forget that petrol and trains cost more than a decent black market kidney these days. Also, if you’re a group of BIG BOOZERS, paying for a cheap flight and benefiting from 10p pints might work out better than staying in the UK and stumping up £4-a-pop in All Bar One.

If you do decide on going abroad, there's a good way to ease peope's worries about getting ripped off, not knowing the best places to go, or not getting into venues. And that is knowing that Redseven offers personal guides for foreign countries who can look after your group, ensure they get into places and smooth things over with angry locals if your mate pulls someone's sister.

Have a lovely chat to see what everyone fancies and then make a decision. Bear in mind that trips abroad are likely to be less well-attended than UK-based smash-ups. Whether you think that’s a shame or a perfect opportunity to cut the chaff depends entirely on you.

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