How to organise a killer stag do – an FHM guide

Posted by , 12 October 2011

Who to invite and who to leave behind

Who to invite and who to leave behind

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    How much to spend + how to get the money on time

Unless the stag is 16 and you’ve had all the same mates since playschool, deciding who to invite on a stag do is a veritable minefield of awkwardness and offence-causing.

Like the Jacko inquiry, there are many questions to be answered:

Should you invite the stag's workmates, or will that mean he can’t let his hair down as much as he might like for fear of career-ending repercussions involving a fire extinguisher and a horse tattoo?

What about the guys that he isn’t really that fond of but feels obliged to include, like the socially inept cousin?

What’s the right number of people to have? 41?

Should you invite the father of the bride and/or groom to keep them sweet, or will they suck the life out of it with their weak grasp of popular culture and old, old memories?

It's simple, just stick to this one golden rule:

If they will make the stag do better, or if them not being there will make the stag feel bad, they’re in. Otherwise, send 'em a postcard.

You can always have an extra simple night at the stag's local which can include all his B-list mates. There, simple.

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