Radio 1’s multi-award-winning windbag reveals his secrets. Namely, getting the boss drunk and stealing other people’s ideas…

Take the boss for a pint

“If you go to work at 5pm and the boss leaves at 5.30pm, he might think you only do half-an-hour’s work. A boss once said to me, ‘You should do some more work,’ and I was, like, ‘I’m not on air till midnight.’ So get out with your boss, so he can get to know you a bit. So he’ll be, like, ‘He’s okay, he does know what he’s doing, he’s not just a fat chancer after all.”’

Don’t kiss trollops for the cameras

“If you think you’re going to become famous eventually and some big-boobed woman on her mate’s hen night approaches you, make sure you look at the camera when she takes a snap. Don’t, whatever you do, give her a kiss on the cheek. Because in eight years time that same picture will end up in The Sun and imply you’ve been kissing fat dogs in York or Sheffield on a night out. And your girlfriend will want to know why.”

Get to know someone from Dragons’ Den

“They’re all loaded and they might buy you some expensive shit. You may think that’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to make the effort. Rio Ferdinand owes me a camper van. Now, you may not have access to Rio Ferdinand, but try. Don’t fall at the first hurdle.”

Choose your honesty carefully

“If you’ve made a mistake, weigh up the pros and cons of admitting it. It might be in your interest to hold your hands up, because you get respect from your bosses. But if you’re gonna land in the shit, blame it on someone else and keep your fucking gob shut. Comedy Dave took Radio 1 off the air once for 15 minutes and he got away with it because to this day he never put his hand up and admitted it.”

Don’t think about work on holiday

“I used to always tune in to see who was doing my show because I wanted to know what was going on in my absence. Not any more. You need to learn how to get away from it all, to just relax and switch off. I enjoy it now. I’ve become quite good at being a lazy bastard off-air.”

Don’t get caught nicking something

“I know a mate who got fired because he nicked some crisps from his work vending machine. So if you do steal, make sure it looks like someone else has done it. When I do, I always leave a trail of evidence leading straight to Scott Mills’ desk. While I’m at it, don’t be afraid to grass people up either.”

Stay on the ball all the time

“You don’t want someone nicking your job while you’re having a doze. I worked hard to get the Breakfast Show on Radio 1, but I still have to work extra hard to keep it, because it’s probably the top job in radio. Apart from that bastard Wogan, who’s got as many million listeners as he has pounds in the bank.”

Spot the good people – and steal from them

“On radio, you inevitably copy from people you like. Examine why it works for them, then adapt it for yourself. Eventually you’ll develop your own style. It’s true with any career. When Steve Wright was on Radio 1, his show was really busy, with great characters. It was evolving all the time. That’s something I admired.”

Never boast about your job

“When I go to the pub with a mate and I’m raving about how Dave Grohl and I were playing guitar this morning while he was working in a fish-filleting factory, he doesn’t want to hear about it. Don’t rub it in people’s faces. And don’t moan about how hard you work, either. Everybody works hard – everyone I know works their socks off.”

Keep an eye out for your next job

“Even if the one you have is great. My goal was always to get to London. I knew if I could do that, then everything might work out fine. As soon as I got my first job I was looking for the next.”



Chris Moyles

Date of Birth

22.02.1974 (Leeds)


Mount St. Mary's RC High School, Leeds. 5 GCSE 'O'-level equivalents



Hospital Radio


Radio Topshop


Radio Aire


Radio Luxembourg


The Pulse, Bradford


Signal Radio, Stoke On Trent


Chiltern Radio


Capital FM, London


Radio 1


The Sun newspaper's DJ Of The Year eight years out of the last 10: "I was beaten by Dr Fox one year, which kills me."

FHM Radio DJ Of The Decade 2004: "We didn't get a trophy - there was just a picture of me looking fat."

"Having Featherstone Rovers rugby ground named after me."

Numerous industry awards, including an assortment of prestigious Song Radio Awards, including Music Radio Personality Of The Year in 2006.


Films, Comedy, Drinking, Xbox live.