Welcome to my FHM blog. I’ll be reporting to you on what it’s like to be racing in the ViSK British Superbikes (BSB) championship – it’s going to be an exciting ride.

As you can guess I’m not British, I’m French but my wife is English and I guess so are our two young daughters. We’ve lived in Leicestershire for five years now and that probably accounts for my funny half-French half-Midlander accent. I’ve been a professional racer all my adult life and if you ask me whether it’s a good job, I’d say 100% yes. I love racing and it gives me a terrific buzz, a lovely lifestyle and some very cool toys!

I’m new to the BSB series, so this blog is as much an introduction for me as it is for you. For six years I’ve been riding Grand Prix, the last two in the MotoGP class. It might seem a step down to go from a World Championship to the British series but it’s actually not. To be honest, to win in MotoGP I needed to be with better teams. Here in BSB I’m with the best and we’re winning already. The bikes in this series are road based, but they’re still 200mph fast – as quick as we ever go in MotoGP – and the technical input is identical, with datalogging, computer-controlled engine management and such. Just like in GPs I have two bikes (and four engines) for each round. I ride both as we experiment with settings throughout testing sessions. I don’t have a favourite from the two, they are identical and I always avoid favouring one – that could cause problems later if I should wreck it.

Racing in BSB is so much fun. There’s a lot of fighting, elbow-to-elbow stuff, which you don’t get in MotoGP. It’s all fair though (so far!) and while we don’t see much of each other, all the riders get on. On the tight British tracks I’m feeling the rush of speed much more than I ever did on the GP circuits around the world. At Oulton Park (in Cheshire) it was incredible, on a couple of corners it would have been easier if I’d just closed my eyes.

To have led the Championship after the first round and now just a few points behind the lead is brilliant. So good. It makes everyone happy, me especially. I can’t get over the fans too, I simply didn’t expect their warmth and their enthusiasm. Right now BSB is friendly and fun. I hope it stays that way.

Next stop is Donington Park, a track I know well from my MotoGP days. I’ll never be cocky, but I know we should go well there – we’re going for the wins!