1 Make lunch
At over three quid a throw, even a supermarket sarnie lunch will set you back over £750 a year. Get in the habit of throwing together your own and you can easily pocket half that cash – or bulk-buy ingredients and freeze batches of soup, chilli etc to save even more.

2 Downgrade your shop
Everyone knows that buying cheap beans is a mugs' game. But then, so is shelling out for The Very Very best. Drop a brand level on everything you can bear and the overall price drops by roughly 30%. Remember: you're often only paying for posher packaging anyway.

3 Reasses your eyes/belly ratio
Prudential's aptly-named Soggy Lettuce report 2004 revealed that British adults waste £80.6 billion in unused goods and services each year, with £424 per person wasted on food alone.

4 Brave the cold
Well, not the 'Cold', exactly. By turning the thermostat down on your central heating by a meagre one degree you can save almost 10% on your heating bill. Plus, if you're bothered you'll prevent about 240KG of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

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5 Get an owl

An Owl (theowl.com) is a fifty quid piece of wireless monitoring sorcery that jacks into your leccy supply and tells you how much you're are using/wasting in real time. In units of cold, hard, cash. Trust us: you'll become obsessed and save up to 25% of your bill through guilt alone.

6 Drink happy
Many boozers offer generous discounts to soaks at less popular times of the day. Rocking up to the pub at 5 o'clock rather than 7 for your daily quota can  often save you up to 50%. Top tip: get a cheeky round in before happy hour ends and reap the rewards all night.

7 Be a late adopter
It's tough to wait until the buzz surrounding a new techno-toy dies down, but if you can hold back from buying until at least six-months after new technology is launched, you could save up to 50%. Let other mugs drive the price down for you.

8 Watch the dots
In preparation for the sales, slack-jawed clothes store staff are often instructed to put a red or black dot on the laundry label of an item to indicate that it's going to be lowered in price. Return in a couple of days to reap the rewards.

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9 Give alternative presents
When it comes to gifts, women are always saying "it's the thought that counts". Put this to the test by offering, say, "eight hours of dedicated gardening" to your mum (you know your old man will never get round to taking those dead fish out of the pond) or "two cleaning weekends" to your nan. They'll be delighted and you can then pocket the cash you would otherwise have spent. Footnote: the average Brit blows over £400 a year on Christmas gifts alone.

10 Drive smart
According to the energy Savings Trust, you can  save £120 a year by 'eco-driving'. In a nutshell, it simply involves changing gear (upwards) before your engine hits 2,500 rpm, driving smoothly, eliminating the use of air-con and driving at an efficient speed  - typically around 45-50mph.

11 Low energy rating = cash saving
The yawnsome stickers on the front of electrical goods actually mean something – the difference between a 50p night in front of the telly and an 80p night, for example. Add energy-saving irons, tumble driers, bulbs and the like into a year-long equation and you're left holding over £200.

12 Reflect heat
Want an extra Tenner to go boozing with? The National Energy Foundation (NEF) reckons you can save that much every year by merely sticking tin foil behind the radiators that are fitted to outside walls. You can buy fancy reflective panels from DIY stores if you prefer your house not to look like a rest home for the criminally insane.

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13 Play parking roulette
If you often pay £3 to park somewhere in town for less than an hour, it could be worth you’re while playing the odds and not paying. If you can get away with it seven times without getting a £20 fine, you're in profit.

14 Dodge the specs rip-off
No one told us, but a newspaper aimed at old dears has found that some retailers are pocketing up to 1,000% profit on a single pair of specs. If you have a prescription, consider one of the discount online stores such as Glasses Direct (£15 a pop).

15 Shop smart
Women know all about designer outlet villages, as they sell nothing but excess stock, special buys and end-of-season merchandise from some of the biggest names in fashion and sport. And us blokes can save around 60% on High Street prices, too – by simply heading to places such as Bridgend, Swindon, York and Ellesmere Port, where chap-friendly cheapo outlets proliferate.

16 Convert your motor
If you notch up anything more than the average 12,000 miles per year, converting to LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a no-brainer. It costs half as much as petrol and diesel makes your engine run more smoothly and the conversion pays for itself in two years.

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17 Don't bother converting your motor
If you can't be fussed to let the grease monkeys loose on your wheels, feast your eyes on www.petrolprices.com instead. Enter your postcode and the website will find the cheapest fuel prices within a ten-mile radius. No information, as yet, on Rizla prices.

18 Have a house-swap holiday
You might think you live in a festering suburban shit pit, but to a Yank visitor your home could well be a quaint historic corner of Britain. Similarly, their 'small' farm will probably feel like a ranch. Give it a go at www.homelink.org.uk

19 Fill your boot
Booze shopping is tons cheaper over the murky waters of the Channel. Around 60% or so, in fact. Plus, laws introduced last year mean that your car can no longer be impounded if a jobsworth customs officer accuses you of smuggling.

20 Tell foreign friends to hang up
It's a slightly complicated process, but if you dial abroad from your mobile using the Rebtel method (www.rebtel.com), you can get free – or at least staggeringly cheap – calls. Works whether you're 'abroad' or at home – so you can phone your girlfriend from your stag do in Vegas – or check she's not up to no good at her hen party in Prague. And it's all comfortingly legal, too.