Sex starved teen Ian (new guy Josh Zuckerman) meets a hottie whilst 'researching' on the internet. Desperate for some lady times, he jumps in a car and goes half way across America in pursuit of poon, meeting a variety of nutters along the way,including an Amish engineer played by Seth Green. Honestly. What's more, he has a female ‘best friend forever’ called Felicia who he may or may not eventually, maybe, we’re not sure here, sex it up with at the end. You’ll have to watch the film, frankly.

It’s the new Road Trip and that can only be a good thing. Most teen/stoner/dumb comedy films that don’t involve Kevin Smith and/or Seth Rogen are presumed failures from the off – but this one ain’t too bad. If you love the genre, you’ll like this… just don’t expect any Oscars for this one.

January 09.