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Posted by , 04 December 2008

"As I took my top off, one of the girls came over"

"As I took my top off, one of the girls came over"

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    "I noticed him getting bigger in his pants"

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    “Her mother was on the bed playing with herself”

About 20 of us had gone away for the weekend, but only six of us stayed in on the Saturday night. I went to the dorm to get ready for bed and passed the drying room. I heard noises coming from inside, so I opened the door and had a peek in to find two girls at it.

I went in and locked the door behind me without saying anything. As I took my top off, one of the girls came over and started taking down my trousers. She started to suck on my breasts as the other began kissing me. The girl who was sucking my breasts put a hand on my pussy and started rubbing it. As she started to push her fingers inside me, I stopped kissing the other girl and started to rub her pussy. I started to moan with pleasure. The girl who was finger-fucking me pushed my legs further apart and started to lick my pussy. I was coming hard, and very loudly.

We must have been in the room about an hour, when there was a knock. A voice asked who was in the room and what were we up to? We were too embarrassed to answer so waited until the coast was clear before silently slipping out…

Posted: Friday, October 12, 4.28pm by Holly

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