Run, Jump, Shoot!

  • Kit and the Octopod Kit and the Octopod

    Kit and The Octopod is a game about love. Love, and throwing...

    Rate this game +17
  • Super Mario Bros Redux Super Mario Bros Redux

    It's Mario. And Samus Aran. And Link. And Megaman. All in one...

    Rate this game +42
  • N Game N Game

    Jump, run and collect yellow things like a ninja...

    Rate this game -3

Rated - Every Platform game worth playing

  • Shift 3 Shift 3

    A third installment of landscape-inverting awesomeness

    Rate this game +14
  • Matrix Rampage Matrix Rampage

    You are The One. Acording to

    Rate this game +13
  • Don't Look Back Don't Look Back

    Moody visuals and simple gameplay make for a an instant timewasting...

    Rate this game +13
  • Bowja 3: Ninja Kami Bowja 3: Ninja Kami

    Bowja's back and more bad-ass than ever

    Rate this game +12
  • Dungeons & Dungeons Dungeons & Dungeons

    S&M action in this funny and odd platformer

    Rate this game +12
  • Super Smash Flash Super Smash Flash

    No you're not in a parallel universe, your cock hasn't turned...

    Rate this game +11
  • Gates vs Jobs Gates vs Jobs

    A battle as old as time. Well, time from the 80s until now......

    Rate this game +11
  • Civiballs Civiballs

    A nice bit of chain cutting to unleash a fury of balls. It's...

    Rate this game +11

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