Brain food for slackers

Rated - Every Puzzle game worth playing

  • Bowja The Ninja Bowja The Ninja

    A good-looking, point and click puzzling fun

    Rate this game +622
  • Super Stacker 2 Super Stacker 2

    Build a massive tower. If it topples, you're shafted

    Rate this game +488
  • Puzzle Farter Puzzle Farter

    What's that? Flatulence isn't funny? Fuck off.

    Rate this game +455
  • Bubble Cannon 2 Bubble Cannon 2

    Blast away those balls but it's best to use your brains

    Rate this game +250
  • Know Your World Know Your World

    Shoving pins in a map may sound boring, but try before you...

    Rate this game +247
  • Water Werks Water Werks

    You got hose

    Rate this game +230
  • Boob Bubbles Boob Bubbles

    Fire the coloured funbags at each other to make web-lovely Faith...

    Rate this game +226
  • Dynamic Systems Dynamic Systems

    If your name is Bob and you're a builder, you'll love this

    Rate this game +136

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