Brain food for slackers

Rated - Every Puzzle game worth playing

  • Circular Blot 2 Circular Blot 2

    Physics based ball control to be bested

    Rate this game +3
  • Ray Part 2 Ray Part 2

    The South Park looking RPG is back for a second instalment of...

    Rate this game +3
  • Click Maze 2 Click Maze 2

    Golf-style shape puzzle that’s infuriatingly tougher than it...

    Rate this game +3
  • Parking Zone Parking Zone

    Yes, women are crap at parking - but can you do any better?

    Rate this game +3
  • Scribble Scribble

    Help the ink blots by drawing ramps and caging enemies

    Rate this game +3
  • Blox Blox

    Incredibly straightforward piece of puzzling - until you hit...

    Rate this game +2
  • Gridlock Gridlock

    As the mother of Helen Keller no doubt said, the simplest are...

    Rate this game +2
  • Stackopolis Stackopolis

    Build stuff and build it good, or it's game over for you,...

    Rate this game +2

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