Kill! Maim! Melt! Destroy!

Assassination Sim
Assassination Sim

You'll have played plenty of shoot em ups where you're saving...

  • Battle Royale Battle Royale

    There's a bunch of tanks attacking your base, and guess what...

    Rate this game +1
  • Divine Intervention Divine Intervention

    The city you preach to is being overrun by Satan. And God gets...

    Rate this game -18
  • Storm the House 3 Storm the House 3

    Stop them attacking your digs, basically. Hire others to do...

    Rate this game +23

Rated - Every Shoot em Up game worth playing

  • Hunter Hunter

    Pilot your morphing spaceship/tank vehicle to bug blasting

    Rate this game +1
  • Attack of the Mutant Snowmen Attack of the Mutant Snowmen

    Snowman point 'n' click shooting gallery

    Rate this game +1
  • Rails of War Rails of War

    Guide your War Train into battle and destroy the enemy

    Rate this game +1
  • Overkill Apache Overkill Apache

    As mindlessly destructive as they come

    Rate this game +1
  • Ninja Assassin Ninja Assassin

    Use swords and shurikens to disembowel your foes

    Rate this game +1
  • Space Bounty Space Bounty

    Waste evil space-clones with a healthy variety of weaponry....

    Rate this game +1
  • Duck Hunt Duck Hunt

    Retro brilliance! Suprisingly still fun, even without the...

    Rate this game +1
  • Crazy Flasher 4 Crazy Flasher 4

    Despite the title, no spontaneous nudity is required here

    Rate this game +1

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